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The psychology of investing has become such an important area of research that major hedge funds are building trading strategies around human behavioral patterns. In Mind Over Money, Kevin Cook explores the crossroads where markets and brains collide, delving into the two sciences – neuroscience and behavioral finance – that show why investors are often highly irrational when faced with economic decisions, uncertainty, and risk.
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Mar 2, 2023

Exuberance for Bitcoin, BNPL, and daytrading saw valuations soar in 2021 and now it's time to sift the wreckage 

(0:30) - Rise Of FinTech: FT Partners Maps the Money Flow
(7:40) - Where Are the FinTech IPOs?
(14:20) - How Do Private Companies Navigate A Down Round?
(20:10) - What Are VC Investors Looking for in FinTech?
(30:40) - Crypto Speculation vs. Long-Term FinTech Investment Mind Over Money Archive

Jan 23, 2023

The so-called "instant" home buyers added good liquidity and fast options that will be missed by some

(1:00) - iBuyer Impact On the Housing Market
(8:00) - Are the iBuyers Over and Done?
(11:35) - Home Builder Trends for Investors
(23:50) - Impact of Rising Interest Rates on New Buyers/Investors?
(33:15) - Finding Trends: Where Should Investors Research RE Markets?
(40:45) - Where's the Housing Market Heading in 2023?

Jun 30, 2022

Robert Farrington has been on a mission for over a decade to turn Millennials into Millionaires

(1:30) - Robert Farrington: The Millennial Money Expert
(5:10) - Learning To Invest at a Young Age: Where Should You Start?
(9:45) - How Much Do You Need To Save Per Year To Reach a Million Dollars?
(14:20) - Never Too Late To Start Investing: Balancing Now and Your Future
(19:30) - Creating a Plan That Works For You: Understanding Needs, Wants, Goals

Jun 23, 2022

I wish I knew a tenth of what Zechariah knows about investing when I was in my 20s

(1:30) - How Financial Advisors Guide Investors for Long-Term Planning
(8:25) - What Can Crypto Bear Markets Teach Gen Z About the Stock Market?
(12:00) - Zechariah Schaefer’s Approach to Financial Planning
(20:15) - The Fiduciary Duties of an Advice-Only Planner: Step By Step Process
(34:40) - Lessons from the Fictional Pan Ickseller (Panic Seller) on TikTok

May 18, 2022

Risk management is not a science and still fully subject to the whims of human emotion and the madness of crowds

(2:00) - Collapse Of TerraUSD & Luna: A Threat To the Blockchain?
(17:30) - Staking and Yield Farming: FinTech and DeFi Innovations
(23:40) - The Wild Wild West of Crypto: Whence Cometh Law and Order?
(28:30) - The Future of the Newest Fiat Asset Class
(33:15) - Will Michael Saylor Be Pushed Out of His Bitcoin Investment?
(38:45) - Bitcoin Bear Market Impact On Square and PayPal

May 12, 2022

In the jungle of personal finance advice, the best offense is a great set of tools that clarify and inspire action

(1:00) - Against the Gods: Probability 101
(8:30) - 3 Biggest Mistakes People Make with Their Finances
(15:15) - The Inspiration Behind The Harvest Plan
(25:30) - Power of a Comprehensive Calculation Engine for Personal Finance
(32:30) - Tools Inside The Harvest Plan: NASA for Your Retirement Horizon
(40:15) - The Evil Science of Credit Cards

Feb 24, 2022

Mind Over Money welcomes back portfolio manager Nathan Miller of Emles Advisors to get our investing battle plans locked and loaded

(1:00) - Getting Short Ridiculously Overvalued Companies
(7:20) - The Economic Cycle: Where Are We Currently At?
(13:45) - Emles Alpha Opportunities ETF (EOPS): Top Value Plays
(27:35) - What's the Outlook After This Correction?

Sep 10, 2021

Before Tech Bubble 2.0 pops, investors have a great place to grow besides cash

(1:25) - How Avoiding Technology Stocks Built a Strong Value Model

(6:35) - Imagine Buying RH at $25 and Still Seeing Growth Ahead

(14:00) - What's Driving Signet Jewelers Shares?

(17:15) - How Brick and Mortar Thrives in an E-commerce World

(22:30) - Emles Alpha Opportunities ETF: EOPS

(26:45) - The Coming Inflection Point: Tech Bubble vs. Value-Growth

(33:00) - Keeping His Shorts on a Short Leash... For Now

(37:15) - The Best Time to Invest In Defense Stocks Mind Over Money Archive
Aug 18, 2021

Climate science suggests that economic conditions for world's poorest countries will implode

(1:00) - Haiti’s Struggle for Stability and Economic Progress

(11:30) - Development Challenges: Bangladesh in Focus

(23:40) - Can ESG Investing Preserve the Planet?

(33:30) - Attracting Direct Investors Via Econ Dev Zones

(41:30) - Episode Roundup:

Jul 28, 2021

While I believe the F-150 Lightning is a game-changer, there are skeptics about America's readiness for quiet, efficient workhorses

(1:00) - How Disruptive are Electric Vehicles?

(8:45) - Can the Ford F-150 Lighting Outsell the Tesla Cybertruck?

(20:00) - Who Will Be The Top EV Truck Competitors?

(31:10) - Ford’s Advantage In Europe and CaaS

(39:50) - Dave Bartosiak on the Slow-Motion EV Revolution Mind Over Money Archive
Apr 14, 2021

Learning to fly an airplane can build an excellent structured thought process for navigating markets

(1:05) - What Could Investors Learn from Aviation?
(7:50) - Lessons from a Pilot: Preparation & Planning
(14:00) - Tribute to a Maverick

Feb 26, 2021

As inflation takes off, the Fed may be trapped to let it run very hot just to get employment back

(1:30) - Centrifugal Force: Markets Coil Then Jump

(9:20) - Big Move In Bonds: Financial Plumbing Pressures

(15:10) - Richly-Valued Growth Stocks Overdue to Correct

(20:40) - GameStop Stock Surges Again: How a Pro Traded It

(24:15) - Stimulus + Growth + Inflation = Commodity Prices Rising

(29:00) - Technical Targets for the Nasdaq 100

(37:00) - Good Lessons For New Investors are Everywhere Mind Over Money Archive
Feb 10, 2021

As more young investors take up day trading, I have an important recipe for long-term wealth creation

(0:45) - How Cathie Put the Wood to Wall Street
(10:30) - 5 Core ETFs for Long-Term Wealth Creation
(16:15) - Best Options for Investing in Biotechnology
(24:20) - How to Buy Entire Stock Market in One Trade
(27:45) - Next-Generation Nasdaq Companies
(31:15) - Zacks ETF Portfolio Trends and Winners
(38:20) - Robotics and AI: A Simple Way to Own the Future      Mind Over Money Archive 

Dec 9, 2020

E-commerce technology and behavior drive each other in a never-ending innovation feedback loop.

(1:45) - Digital Acceleration: Forever Impacts on Retail

(5:05) - Tapestry, Capri, StichFix: Learning from Tony Hsieh

(12:40) - ULTA and RH: Adapting to Their Customers

(17:50) - Shopify and BIGC Guide Brands to E-Comm Nirvana

(28:10) - Great Winter Coats... for Everybody This Season?

(32:15) - Episode Roundup:

Oct 1, 2020

Gaming-as-a-Service (GaaS) heats up during COVID and reasserts that content is still king

(1:00) - Gaming Is Serious Business for NVDA and MSFT

(6:10) - Dave Does Disney and Was Not Amused

(9:45) - Gaming-as-a-Service Heats Up: Microsoft Buys Bethesda

(14:50) - Console Wars: Xbox and PC vs. Playstation

(23:00) - NVIDIA Launches Next-Gen Graphics Cards: 30 Series

(29:55) - Ray Tracing: Industrial Light & Magic for Games

(37:30) - The Netflix of Gaming: Satya Nadella's Vision

(44:00) - Content Communities and Exclusivity Archive: Mind Over Money
Sep 29, 2020
The right financial advisor is conflict-free and dedicated to your investments' growth, not their commissions
(1:45) - From Big Bank to Client-Centered
(6:30) - Planning For Retirement: Where to Start 
(15:20) - Picking the Right Advisor For Your Nest Egg
(20:30) - Financial Fast Food: Don’t Let It Tempt You!
(26:15) - Your Investment Journey: What To Expect Along The Ride
(33:10) - What Does A Financial Fiduciary Do?
(39:55) - How Emotions Get In Your Way
(44:00) - Stress Free Money Book 
Email: Archive: Mind Over Money
Jun 16, 2020

What if I told you that willpower doesn't work? Well, take it from a guy who became a top-ranked blogger, got his PhD, and adopted 3 foster kids -- all in just 3 years!

(0:45) - Imagine These 3 Goals In 3 Years

(8:45) - Willpower and Its Discontents 

(16:20) - Research On Personality and Why It's Not Permanent

(21:55) - Your Identity = Self-Image + Biographical Narrative 

(31:00) - Building Blocks of Benjamin Hardy’s Success

(35:40) - Creating Your Ideal Future

(40:55) - Crucial Importance of A Strong Morning Routine
Mind Over Money Archive 
Personality Isn’t Permanent
Apr 30, 2020

Are you still relying on will power to change your habits? A little neuroscience will cure that.

(1:00) - Opening the Hood on Your Brain w Dr. Jud

(7:45) - Applying Mindfulness During The Quarantine

(13:05) - The Anticipation Of Habits and Their Triggers

(18:15) - Everyday Addiction: From Your "Dumbphone" to Social Media

(26:30) - Awareness Tools: From Meditation to Experience Apps

(35:20) - The Big Debate: Role of Will Power in Behavior Change

Mind Over Money archive

Apr 27, 2020

If you want to learn the #1 skill of the future, listen to the engineer of habit-forming products and apps

(0:45) - Controlling Your Attention With Nir Eyal
(6:10) - The Motivation and Research Behind Indistractable
(11:30) - Death By To-Do List and Our Ability To Multitask
(17:40) - Traction Is The Opposite Of Distraction
(29:55) - Breaking the Spell: Building A System That Works For You
(35:25) - The Hidden Super Power: Managing Discomfort Intentionally
(45:00) - Nir & Far Gifts for Choosing to Become Indistractable
Mind Over Money Archive

Apr 8, 2020

Your decision-making methods can be one of the most exciting and productive areas of your life and business to ignite innovation

(1:30) - Decision Traps: 10 Barriers to Overcome
(11:20) - Meta-Questions for Decision Makers
(19:45) - Could You Live on a Decision Budget?
(26:20) - Got Any Sunk Costs? Tesla vs. Big Auto
(32:30) - Could You Be Indistractable?

Mind Over Money Archive
Mar 13, 2020

Imagine what you could learn about running your business and your life by studying great companies.

(0:35) - lululemon vs. Under Armour: Anatomy of Success
(4:45) - The 4 Disciplines of Execution
(14:10) - Top 10 Decision Making Errors
(25:05) - LULU's Recovery from Debacles: See-Through Quality?
(30:15) - How Could Under Armour Lose at Shoes with Curry?
(38:15) - lululemon’s 3-Prong Strategic Vision
(45:00) - How Can Under Armour Drive Growth Going Forward?
(55:25) - Episode Roundup: Mind Over Money Archive

Mar 5, 2020

The trading game is so much tougher now with algos ripping and squeezing every edge -- except the ones you control

(2:30) - Learning From Experts and Rogues: The AlphaMind Podcast

(12:00) - Why Is Trading Such a Difficult Mental Game?

(20:10) - Comparing Nick Leeson and Bernie Madoff

(32:50) - Goldman's David Tait: Life and Trading Cannot Be Separated

(38:40) - The Emotional Challenge: Learning To Love Your Losses

(45:30) - Done Properly: The Zen of Trading

Feb 26, 2020
 Imagine what you could learn about running your business and your life by studying great companies.

(0:45) - Modeling Success: Learning from Top Companies
(6:30) - Thriving On Chaos: Top 8 Sources of Execution
(17:50) - The Dutch Secret of 16th Century: Credit
(30:20) - Intel’s Fateful Decision in 1985
(40:00) - Disciplines of Execution in Era of Disruptive Innovation
Feb 12, 2020
 Investors who missed the great rallies in Apple and Microsoft have been wondering why, and wishing they listened to Dan Ives

(2:55) - The Map of Knowledge: Scholars of the Dark Ages
(13:10) - Clayton Christensen and Technology Disruption
(22:00) - Apple’s 2019 Growth Slowdown: Buy or Panic?
(25:35) - Dan Ives Calls Tech Rally, Says Much More to Come
(28:40) - What Could Push Apple To $2 Trillion?
(31:15) - 5 Big Tech Predictions for 2020: FAANG and More
(38:50) - Google Playing Catchup With Amazon and Microsoft
Jan 29, 2020
 The current geometric rate of transmission implies that over 100,000 people could be infected by early February

(1:00) - Severe Health Crisis for China
(6:10) - A Brief History of Pandemics
(15:45) - Got DNA? Coronavirus Genome
(23:20) - In Search of a Vaccine
(32:55) - Competition: A New Science?
(43:15) - Episode Roundup:
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